Pooch at school

At Kindergarten

Your puppy is 2 months old and was just separated from its relatives and surroundings. As soon as it gets home, your puppy will try to find its place in this new structure.


Your puppy has learned a lot during the first two months of its life, but there is still so much more to learn. What should you teach it? Where do you start? What is the right way to teach it?


In the weekly sessions, step by step, achievement after achievement, a great bond will be created between your puppy and you, and make it a good member of the canine community.


Ok, ok, where can we sign in? 


There are indeed many scientific researches proving that dogs can not only experience emotions, but also analyse and compare two sensory acuities.


We strongly believe, with all that knowledge about dog behaviors we nowadays have, that time as come to stop trying to tame dogs and start contemplating an avant-garde way to train puppies.


It's no secret that a young puppy has a much better learning capacity than an adult, and that early learning, starting from two months old, is the most appropriate approach.


At your weekly classes, Planète Hollywouf's dog instructor will assist you to :

  • detect;

  • analyse;

  • know how to react in common situations.


Also, you will be shown how to prevent your puppy from developing bad behaviours, such as :

  • fear and apprehension;

  • contact intolerance;

  • excitable and nervous dog syndrome;

  • dogs phobia or small dogs predation;

  • separation anxiety disorder;

  • hierarchy and diverse agressiveness problems.


Another important aspect you will work on is how to prevent your puppy from learning certain things like:

  • jumping on guests;

  • barking for no apparent reason or to get your attention;

  • ravaging your personal belongings;

  • or biting.


Finally, we will help you teach your puppy the basic commands :

  • come;

  • heel;

  • sit;

  • down;

  • easy;

  • let go, out, drop it, give;

  • Get up and get down.


At the end of this kindergarten course, paired with your puppy, you will have to pass a test that will earn you a responsible dog owner diploma – kindergarten level.


After this journey, you will be happy and proud of the outcomes attained by your puppy. You will then be ready to jump into a new adventure!



Your puppy is now 6 months old. It's almost puberty, and with it comes a new delicate phase in your companion's education.


Hormones will affect your puppy and it's totally normal. But be careful! In this delicate phase of learning, your puppy is developing and memorising response patterns to external stilmuli. He could easily learn to :

  • run away;

  • bare its teeth or bite;

  • mark its territory;

  • refuse to comply.

The elementary course is thus the logical follow-up for the kindergarten course. Throughout the 5  sessions of this class, you will indeed be able to develop further your skills and knowledge and acquire some more.


Finally, when you feel ready, you can, if you're up to it, take the Canine Good Neighbour Program test, from The CKC (Canadian Kennel Club).


«The purpose of the Canine Good Neighbour Program test is to ensure that one of our most favoured companions, the dog, is accepted as a valued member of the community. Canine Good Neighbours can be counted on to present good manners at home, in public places and in the presence of other dogs. »


The test is not currently mandatory in Quebec. However, we consider that its achievement is the result of many hours of dedicated work, difficulties as much as joys, lived between you and your dog.


An external evaluator will come to our premises so that you and your dog can take the test.


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Prices and subscription packages

It's recommended to take the courses in group to help your dog at socialising and getting used to other dogs and other human proximity. Your busy schedules may not permit it, it is thus  possible to attend courses in individual or semi-private (two students maximum) sessions. Your dog will have the opportunity to meed other dog even if you take private courses.

kindergarten and elementary school

6 practical and theoretical sessions of 45 minutes

In group "4 to 6 people" 249.99$
In private 349.99$

higher education/training or Canine Good Neighbour Program test preparation

6 practical sessions of 45 minutes

In group "4 to 6 people" 279.99$
In private 399.99$
In boarding house, monthly price 1279.99$


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Nice and fun walk on the least - 4 classes for 159.99$


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Start off your new relationship with your pooch today!




Your dog is a grown up, but you never followed a kindergarten or elementary course, with us or anywhere else.


You want to take one of our sportive classes or you wish to simply improve your communication channel with your dog, allowing you a better control on its reactions?


This course package is for you!


In order to guide you properly and to validate your admission to our academy, we will proceed with a behavioral evaluation of your dog. This evaluation is used to assess the communication channel efficiency between you and your dog. We will then be able to suggest the appropriate courses that will allow you and your dog to improve your complicity.


The evaluation costs $44,99, and will be refunded to you when you subscribe to your first remedial course with us.


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