At the park

Indoor dog park

Doggy has energy to spare? Think daycare!


You need to go grocery shopping and don't want your dog alone and bored at home. Bring it to our indoor dog park! There are lots of friends here to play with your pooch while you're busy buying your diner ingredients. It will be our pleasure to help your dog spend its spare energy.


The pooch feels lonely while you are at work? Your furnitures and shoes are suffering from its boundless energy?


Bring us your dog for the day so that it can play with its four-legged companions.

The price is $ 25 a day or 4 hours deducted from a bank of hours


One hour 4.99$
10 hours 49.99$
25 hours 119.99$
50 hours 199.99$
Illimited month 269.99$